Free In-Home / In-Office Table Pad Measuring and Tracing. We come to you.

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We are a family-owned company located in Los Angeles County, and we are proud to offer you our quality table pads. Each comes directly from the factory with a lifetime guarantee - no matter what happens, we will repair, reupholster, or replace your table pad for FREE! In addition, our prices are much lower than any other company that comes out to measure your table. If you find someone lower in L.A. County, we'll personally measure your dining room table and beat their price!

Highest Quality in the Industry

We are the exclusive L.A. distributor of Berger's table pads, which are manufactured with the highest quality rating in the industry and ZERO complaints. The table pad has been around for almost a hundred years. It is one of the few items that is essentially made the same today as it was fifty years ago.

Custom Made for Your Table

Each table pad is hand-tailored to fit your dining room table top exactly. Each has a heavy-duty, washable, vinyl leatherette surface, along with a cushiony velvet or cotton bottom and folds for easy handling and storage. Our catalog also includes custom-sized tablecloths for any occasion.

Feel Secure with MagnaLoc™

Our greatest claim to table pad fame is MagnaLoc™, our patented magnetic locking system. This unique table-pad innovation holds sections together and prevents slipping and sliding. Unlike any other locking device, MagnaLoc™ is 100% user-friendly, totally hidden, and secured beneath a protective cloth surface. That means MagnaLoc™ won't scratch your table like other locking systems can!


MagnaLoc™ System


Won't scratch your table!

Lifetime Limited Warranty


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